Top Regional Event Staffing & Crowd Management Company

Staff Operations

Experienced Personnel for the following Event Staffing positions:

  • Ushers
  • Ticket Sellers
  • Ticket Takers
  • Parking Attendants
  • Traffic Control
  • Registration Services
  • Tradeshow Staffing
  • Field/Floor Safety
  • Box Office Management
  • Metal Detector - Wanding


All employees shall pay careful attention to their personal appearance.  You are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times.  Hair must be clean and neatly trimmed.  Extremes in hair color and styling are not permitted. Facial hair is limited to a neatly trimmed beard, goatee, or mustache.  Male employees are not permitted to wear earrings. Because of the potential danger, women are strongly discouraged from wearing hoop earrings.  Nose rings or other visible form of body piercing is prohibited.  Uniforms must be pressed and cleaned.  The Show Pros ID badge is considered part of your uniform and must be worn at all times when you are on duty.



Uniform will consist of khaki pants, polo shirts, and/or jackets for inclement weather or for certain positions the SPES dress uniform, consisting of gray slacks, blue sports coat, and red tie.

Part of your overall image includes your posture and general presentation.  Unless provided a chair or stool sitting is not permitted.  Employees should not lean against seats, posts, or railings at any time. Use your body language to portray on outgoing, friendly, and helpful person.  Stand straight with your hands out of your pockets and give each guest a warm welcome.

‚ÄčAlcohol/Drug Policy
While on duty no employee may use, purchase, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  Violators will be terminated immediately.